Intimate acquaintance

by : Bacardi Gold

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roasting my mind
on a bed of assumption
rising from the sea of humanity
an expedition for an intimate
acquaintance with myself

i constantly hear the sounds
bringing the promises of truth
the waves that keep coming back
are left on the distant shore

conversations of the loose-lipped crowd
the walls have ears and stories can sprout
the things that dangled all around
peddlers of lies, empty thoughts abound

for a moment i gazed upon the sky
and saw these birds flapping their wings
i had hoped they will never forget
at times, birds of prey, always a sterling pet




by : Bacardi Gold

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cool breeze rushing
in constant race with the waves
sunlit sands at the edge of the shore
waiting as saltwater’s graves

rocks at the higher chunk of land
stand guard as the barrier of force
deliverance of the surging fury
walled at a halt

sounds of waves are unending
from the ocean to the shore
bring fort some good news
the catch are hefty of big and small

as man seeks serenity to recall
some moments of the silver stint
the far horizon meets the probing eye
scarred pasts marked the days gone by…


Waves : DAY 03 – ( MY PROMPTS )

This is my previous work in my other site, thehutownerblog. I hope you’ll like it.

Thank you…


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mare gif

the curling waters that make a splash 

on the shore it bends ’till it kisses the sands

continuing  its way a little up on a sloping land

and return to the sea without reaching where I stand


as i watch the rushing waves to the shore

the blowing wind is making an uproar

a bundle of water shoved and blown

that will kiss my lips when i’m alone


waves rolling from the ocean to the beach

colliding against rocks and stone when they reach

the shallow part  making such a splattering

just like some lovers’  when they’re arguing


but sweetness comes on dry sunny  days

sea shells on shore is dribbled and then chased

the waving is smooth just tickling to grace

the lighter face of the waves in praise


twilight shore sparkles like fields of golden harvest

as it is laid down with  yellowish golden carpet

 for two lovers will march for a union of hearts

to take their vow as  they say, ‘Till death do us part”