Mending Scraps of Greens

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Pixabay on


persisting to lift up an angered voice
night innuendos of the thinned forest
tree tops swaying up some injured noise
denuded flesh, warmer wind, nature’s barest

gone are the eagles, monkeys and squirrels
butterflies, wild flowers, mushrooms and vines
the elders befriended my prized laurels
my blood, my flesh, my tears intertwined

as time and space passed by unnoticed
my soul, my breath, my only life, my dreams
sheltered lives of the hungry, old and the poorest
climate change comes to dare mending scraps of greens



will be regained…

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Alexander Ant on


in the fray of exchanging minds
enough won’t be just sufficient
exchanging views have gotten under the skin
enraging the spirit to call an ending

sometimes it bothers and dominates
how to deal the day’s endless strain
‘though chances can’t be determined
of blowing against the stormy wind

listen to those deafening whispers
loud outcries are doomed to be dispersed
time and space need to be embraced
losing love and faith will be regained…