My Monday #04 – Batanes islands in Black and White

by : Bacardi Gold

Batanes is in the northern part of the Philippines. It is an archipelagic province and also the smallest. It owns the most unique beauty where the rocky shores are complimented with beautiful hills and rolling terrains embracing its islands.

Tayid Lighthouse
Mahatao, Batanes

This is the mountainside road going to the remote Barangay Chavayan.

Barangay Chavayan, Batanes

This is the farthest and one of the 29 barangays of Batanes in Sabtang island making it an isolated village. It has a chapel, an elementary school and some stone houses. Some of it has been remodeled with concrete and some families enjoy the luxury of owning a television and other modern facilities. The village has a select electricity users as others can not afford a monthly payment for the usage.