by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev on Pexels.com

i’d like to follow the rainbow
and play with the colors that arch
from the sea extending to the mountains
losing luster as i await and watch

how happy i am when it shows
it cools me at noon ’till it’s gone
at times the colors brighten like a rose
then lightens and fades like the setting sun

in the lives of men if compared
born and die in God’s perfect will
their time to be saints and sinners if dared
laughter, cheers, or bad luck can be downhill

rainbow, if the sky is your place
teach me how to hang high up there
bravely awaits the time to leave no trace
to appear and bring joy to all somewhere



You will always be

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com


when your voice speaks from nowhere
it echoes in my mind from somewhere
often i hear it so gentle and meek
your soft voice is the tone i always seek

when your heart and mine beat as one
exploding like the sound of a gun
i knew your mind was speaking to me
so i gave myself so easily

but one day my tears were unnoticed
on my pillow i cried the loudest
with my pillow i embraced the tightest

’cause i considered you my best

why did you give me this freedom
i didn’t ask for independence
felt your worth since the welcome
need nothing so far the distance

but you confessed there’s another love
you played it so well thru the years
leaving me here inside of me
you will always be the echo in my ears…



by : Bacardi Gold


Photo by Julian Jagtenberg on Pexels.com


I’m standing here
waiting for you
to carry me somewhere
where flowers talk and listen

Take me to a place
where language is never spoken
where the human eyes speak to a few
and can read my lips in view

My heart beats
but you never understand
you touched my face
only to be left anew

Your whispers are wordless
yet my ears listened
and i had the presumption
that your love is endless

Carry my thoughts to the heavens
where chances are great
that you can read my mind
and nurture my dreams

Wind, i’m here on top of this foggy hill
let me be the one to interfere
let the urgent cleansing of the soul commence
and make this paradise my heaven i love so dear