by : Bacardi Gold

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i let you go from today

i set you free to be on your way

almost over is your time tracks

my dark cast duplicating my acts

when everything is calm

i can hear your footsteps

under the bright light of day

always there, the figure of gray

in the night of my dream

i barely saw you on my bed

holding my hands so tight

moving on a cloudy pale shade of light

a child i was and still very small

by chance i stumbled, fell and crawled

waited for you to lift me up

felt your absence as i stood up

i’m the dark figure cast upon the floor

the body intercepted light from your open door

your life, your heart and your soul in tow

depends upon me, myself, my beloved shadow

now i go breathless, stiff and cold

freedom was delivered precious as gold

pale and dumb as the shadow’s slept

from the depth under i go unwept…


Two of us…

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Amina Filkins on

i let go with your own mistakes

a grinning smile is all that it takes

your being mad always pass me by

there’s no use to fight not even a try

you’ve thrown me plates and you’ve missed

but I’ve thrown you back a flying kiss

don’t know why i can’t do a revenge

hugging you is all that i can avenge

hurting me seems to be forever

but it makes my love grow stronger

why this feeling doesn’t get furious

to be mad at you the reasons are obvious

i can’t have anybody and set you free

the two of us anytime will be three…