Life is…

by : Bacardi Gold

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when life becomes a roller coaster ride

it’s a learning experience you have to face

a friend or a foe against the challenge

it’s your choice to embrace or bypass

any growth that can boost your morale



Ready to be… somewhere

by : Bacardi Gold

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I’ll take a flight to the outer space
and show you the planets and galaxies
the stars, the moon and other realities

Soon the night will come and it’s a mystery
how dark it will be without some ray of light
life will not be easy without you by my side

Let me navigate the way into your heart’s twilight
together we’ll find our path to the magic of dawn
the bridge of sorrow we’ll cross if we hold on

And now the outer space remains to be
to get there two people don’t have to be wealthy
just people in love, deeply in love,
ready to be… somewhere like, you and me


Life’s Story

by : Bacardi Gold

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you told me a story
i did not understand
you said it was the glory
of someone who took a stand

longing for a dream where hope resides
finding victory where failure divides
luck sometimes become a reason for such
as we struggle to seek some options without rush

survival and death, a battle we call life
death isn’t something that we can hide
to survive is a strong man’s choice
life is God-given, a mortal sin to destroy…



by : Bacardi Gold

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If true stories of infidelity make you shed some tears and discomforts,

Comedy will bring you some crunchy laughs and happy smiles…


” If life is harsh on me,

i’ll be kinder to other lives…”


Coffee cup…

by : Bacardi Gold

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This coffee is for me
I made it…

Like my life now
I live it

Others may say
Destiny have fixed it…

I’ve known you
sweet as honey
bees have dropped by
feasted the pollen grains

bees have departed
you endured the hurt
and time was wasted
in cleaning the dirt

gone like summer rains
that never fell
like waters in the river
that has bid farewell

but now, you have reasons to smile
as I am the bee who will reconcile
and I’m here not ready to give up
I feel your lips on the lid

of my coffee cup…


Let it be…

by : Bacardi Gold

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you want something to happen to be true
anticipating a cherished desire
confidently expecting it

circumstances or events in life
sometimes don’t go as you want them to be
what, if it turns the other way
would you still hope for what you’re expecting?
or just let life find its own course

and let it be


Scars, visible and hidden

by : Bacardi Gold
August 12, 2020

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Every wound results in some degree of scarring, even minor lesions leave scars on our skin. Scars range from deep pit, angular, and wavelike appearance. They are a natural part of the body’s biological process of wound repair in the skin and other tissues.

When you see a person with a scar, what would you feel? Will you be saddened if you’ll know his story behind it? Will you squirm in sympathy and pity him for his scar and make you feel like a guilt-ridden person who caused some visible marks to others?

The person who owns it has a story to tell that he survived the ordeal that resulted it. That story may be a good one for him or it might be bad. Whoever owns a scar, certainly have a tale to be told.

People who have scars visible to the eyes have links to their pasts. Their stories, whether grim and horrible that resulted from accidents and comforting ones that resulted from medical operations are clearly evidences of survival. They survive their crisis.

Emotional pains also leave scars in us. Pains that were buried in the hearts too deep to remember and reminisce. Those scars exhibited toughness. That’s the reason why we got through it and that made us who we are. Life has failed to break us apart but it left some reminders that we triumphed over defeat.

Am I wrong to say, that the scars that dig deepest in our hearts are induced by our loved ones. We are the most injured when they are the cause of the injury. It is sometimes too unbearable that remembering those episodes bring back the past dramas of yesterdays and yesteryears.

Our hearts and minds recorded sagas of unfaithfulness, disobedience that resulted in tragic tales in our lives. Old romances gone sour because of infidelities. Monetary needs that ended in tragedies and other matters that lead to unsavory unseen scars.

Hearts are homes of hidden scars. They hold stories which are too painful to tell.

Scars are there in our living hearts. They are the residual effects that lingered once hearts are bruised and battered. Visible and hidden scars are the living testaments that we made it through the dark and survive the abyss of adventures we call LIFE. –o0o–