You will always be

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Yan Krukov on


when your voice speaks from nowhere
it echoes in my mind from somewhere
often i hear it so gentle and meek
your soft voice is the tone i always seek

when your heart and mine beat as one
exploding like the sound of a gun
i knew your mind was speaking to me
so i gave myself so easily

but one day my tears were unnoticed
on my pillow i cried the loudest
with my pillow i embraced the tightest

’cause i considered you my best

why did you give me this freedom
i didn’t ask for independence
felt your worth since the welcome
need nothing so far the distance

but you confessed there’s another love
you played it so well thru the years
leaving me here inside of me
you will always be the echo in my ears…



by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Siva Seshappan on


i hear what’s left behind the wall
voices of thoughts in the annals of history
colorful as they go, gently fade and fall
from the shaken leaves of charred antiquity

golden recollection glitters with fire
imprisoned by the scorching heat of desire
hot quill and boiling ink in dipping stance
to write and sculpt budding minds of the young

in time the world will know
how it was being caged like a slave
in a time when roads laid with iron thorns
way to adore a king with ivory horns

suppressed rights no longer act what’s free
afraid to talk against a king of mystery
appropriately termed him a monkey dictator
his every word done in shades of color…

generations of life slipped through the canvas
trampled people’s rights remained harassed
hearts and minds that constantly bleed
Freedom, sidetracked by ill power and greed…

like a bird made captive by a man
sad and lonely guarded with a gun…

love in the wild, happy being free
jubilant and playful, living on a tree…