Silver Lining

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Josh Sorenson on


beclouded line of the far horizon
dark overcast dimmed the day
tried to catch the remaining light
and keep it in his memory

hard up as he was born
just a decent life, didn’t wish for more
unexpectedly the spirit would be torn
tears have fallen scattered on the floor

pathways have crossed the jungles deep
didn’t mind if he was dreaming while asleep
twilight took him to the deep of night
dawn had him leading an herd of sheep

sometime, he felt dumb that he would say
his life was a waste of time to play
in the sky, dark clouds dominate
rained his life with so much weight

he tried hard to be aware
fixing all those past mistakes
learned that behind those dark clouds
HOPE is the silver lining he had found…




by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Rachel Claire on


cool breeze rushing
in constant race with the waves
sunlit sands at the edge of the shore
waiting as saltwater’s graves

rocks at the higher chunk of land
stand guard as the barrier of force
deliverance of the surging fury
walled at a halt

sounds of waves are unending
from the ocean to the shore
bring fort some good news
the catch are hefty of big and small

as man seeks serenity to recall
some moments of the silver stint
the far horizon meets the probing eye
scarred pasts marked the days gone by…