When my breath was through…

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com


i saw dazzling colors, radiantly blazed
teased those sweet perfume, from where i can’t retraced
swirling clouds of smoke, spied through the wooden room
fire of lighted candles danced, as i was being groomed

down on the rectangular, frosty mattress
laid a small white pillow, cushioned under my head
cold, spiritless and empty mind, were solemnly calm
with body so stiff, without any hint of warmth

lavish cool showers, beg to continue
butterflies waited, for new buds to queue
as they bloomed fully, to its best bouquet
they became my bed, when my breath was through

when worms have feasted, all of my flesh
bared bones can no longer feel, kisses in hundreds
need your prayers, songs, and flowers in bloom
scents of lighted candles, over my tomb

i fear nothing, alone in the dark
my spirit all the time, it is my guard
hallelujah, angels old and young, singing,
to heaven, take the stairway, nothing to bring…