up in the sky…

Photo by Frank Cone on Pexels.com

there’s a lightning outside my window
up in the sky
every bolt of current discharged
there’s a light
in every sound created
it’s thunder….boooommmm…
heavy rain follows
thunder and heavy rain
together, thunderstorm
but sometimes dense clouds
with no precipitation at all
only lightning, thus,
electrical storm or
a lightning storm…

Can’t think well!

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

I have a blank mind tonight
It’s not working
My God, what’s happening!
I glanced a cup of tea beside me
I made it, three hours ago, I forgot!
It’s a brand of green tea
But it’s not green, it’s brown
Now it’s lukewarm, a little bit less lukewarm
I’m waiting for my brain to function
I feel a bit different at this moment
I can’t think well…..a bit squeezed
A bit loose, a bit slow to react…. 
All this time I’ve been sitting here
So, this is what I’ve made
This is all ! 
I have to post this and…
I’m posting it! 


A Little Prayer

lift me up, Oh Lord, and console me
shed the burden out and lighten my haul
free me, let me breakout from this rotten fold
take the lead and i’ll follow your direction
to a truthful and righteous intentions

let me listen to a wondrous voice
clear my thoughts from abundant lies
fill my heart with sincerest smiles
teach my lips to talk real truth
and never to speak even a single falsehood

strengthen my weak frail body
to once again fly with vibrant pride
to soar the wide and windy skies
to give me vigor and toughness
and to defy and defeat the evil of sins…Amen .

Perfect Revelation…

Photo by Trinity Kubassek on Pexels.com



I feel a glow within your dreamy eyes
The lightness of yourself seems like  clouds
But I see a wiping hand after our “Hi’s”
The look of your face showing some doubts

Teary as you hint hiding a certain thing
I see sadness reacting with what you say
Is the joy you feel means all or nothing
‘Cause I see a tear falling when you say, “ok”


               In a minute, the clouds  turn to darkened grey
               Tears become a stream  of flowing watercourse
               The river rushes its waters as her sight turns away
               Flash of glow,  her eyes sprint, her spirit soars


The “ok” and falling tears meant “I love you”
My eyes avoiding yours meant “I didn’t deceive you”
The glow in my eyes I  hide but still you noticed
Is a “Yes”  and solemnly swear, “I promise” … 

Photography – Red Flowers #13

I found this flower within the vicinity of Tinago Falls Leisure Park in Caibiran, Biliran Island, Eastern Visayas, Philippines. This island lies off the northern coast of Leyte Island just across Biliran Strait.

Remembering my brother, my twin, a soldier…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
when days are lonely
appearance floats  
noted figure flares
fixed eyes meant for me
slashing like a sword

weeping eyes flaming
trembling hands wiping
speaking lips shivering
heart is pounding
bitter, distressing, broken 

invading, blue days coming
strong military men romping
advancing brave soldiers
sharp and conscious state 
weapons in hand, ran, striking

while i sit on his tomb
remembering a fallen soul
a year passed made me a lone
grieving, remembering a lost one
my brother,my twin, a soldier, gone...

cold lives done not in  haste      
courage in fervor hasn't been a waste
aiming a win by scoring a wise slay
not a loss, the cost of dear lives
heroes fought a war for peace to survive ....