Imperfections are common in many of us. Imperfections can be considered as stepping stones to rise above failures, flops, and frustrations. Some faults or defects in his writings are enough to result damaging impression that would last long in the readers’ minds. Perhaps, it would take long to change perceptions to have a better level of sentiment about the writer.

Please bear with him. Some unintentional faults may show up or you may find it in some posts. Hahaha! He’s sorry for that. It means you have a keen eye for perfection. It’s ok, as this quote goes, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

Happy reading and enjoy !

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Maybe I’ll try a 1-sentence…

by : Bacardi Gold01/july/2022 Finding your own tendencies, characteristics, and interests, you’ve discovered your personality that you can be out being quiet and introspective and still be a standout.

On Fire

by : Bacardi Gold30/june/2022 please brighten up my mindwith simple thoughts of gracedream up a smile then shineahead of the blue days i love the rare special feelingthat comforts my writing desire when the train- of- words is passingthe poet in me is on fire whirling words that spring in kind freeing some unbinding tiesstories … Continue reading On Fire


by : Bacardi Gold14/june/2022 i thought of the things i didjust hours that winked at meleaving a memory in my bucketi believe that it is freesweet smiles that you’ve lefti considered them sacredi’ve tried to recapturethe message you’ve deliveredif you mean that was lovethat was intended for mei’m glad to get hold ofyour heart that’s … Continue reading Sublime

“I just want to live a real life with my imperfections which co-exist with my excellence.” — ram c.t.

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