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by : Bacardi Gold the story will be said to unfold and launch a narrative score of truth releasing unfounded pickled flaws snaking through the jagged stones . winding erratic lines submerged deep in a silent sea of myth talking heads with mouths unturned leading its way out sitting on the tongue . heart pounding […]

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May be you’ll wonder why the sky is starless tonight…

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2014 - 1 (9)


the stars seem to be hiding 

from my lonely sight tonight

somebody must have hid them

from me to twinkle bright


or somebody covered my eyes

with clouds so thick so wide

or is it the forthcoming storm

with thunder rolling to form


or somebody gathered them, put them in a box

intentionally stored them,  put them in stacks

or the Lord did not hang them tonight

so people can see how’s our world without Light


but the Lord is unforgetful

for the things He had given

He has a purpose for all His actions

to show to people directions


He has the power to take them back

He’ll gather to safety all His flock

and to give what to whom

just like the stars He had broomed


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Guns and Roses

by : Bacardi Gold

This is a reblogged poem from my other site. It carries some little changes.

if these roses can whisper

to people of different ears

if conflicts can listen for awhile

our lives can carry tears and cheers


thorns could prick our skin

protruding from the stalks

but flowers are all akin

various flags along the garden blocks


beautiful buds now abloom

speaking softly to the stars

thoughts were read by the restless moon

concerned about the ongoing  wars


if all the guns would turn to lovely flowers

no bubble of hatred would burst as it poses

no braves would win, no cowards would cower

when bombs and arrows  become  bouquet of roses…


TERAPIA D’URTO – This is an Adult material (For Adults Only)


La crisi del settimo anno. Ne avevo sempre sentito parlare, ma viverla fu una cosa diversa, mi resi conto che non era solo un modo di dire.Per essere precisi, sono sposata da sette anni e tre mesi. Io e mio marito ci sposammo per amore, non era solo il raggiungimento di uno status sociale, non era solo perché, come capita a molti, eravamo fidanzati da oltre dieci anni. Ma forse era solo una coincidenza che la nostra crisi sia avvenuta proprio dopo sette anni, non c’era nulla di statistico. Non abbiamo avuto figli, almeno per adesso, ma non demordiamo. Abbiamo consultato molti specialisti del settore e, dopo alcune analisi, è saltato fuori che gli spermatozoi del mio partner sono più lenti della norma. Ora abbiamo smesso di parlarne; affrontare l’argomento ci rende nervosi e lui prende la cosa sul personale, quindi, quando parliamo di concepimento finiamo sempre per litigare. Ma…

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