False News

by : Bacardi Gold

I hear a mouthful of your words
that speaks a thousand little thought
i hear the chirping of those lovely birds
bringing to light true facts that you distor

speak your mind and be bold
say what your heart feels
walls have ears and they listen
every news begets a pair of wings

deformed, perverted meanings of facts out there
make every mind reacts and it’s unfair
twisting, amplifying and injecting spares
falsehoods’ sequels are severely tough to bear…


Live it…

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by S Migaj on Pexels.com


Listen to my thoughts and musings
as i print the words in your mind
See the brushes that i used
to paint your story unwind
The road that you used to tread
was the road that you left behind
You searched for some colors
you didn’t see the rainbow of a kind
It appeared in the night of your sleep
in the deep of your colorful flight

There was laughter in the air
and beyond the length were cries
There was abundance
next thing was drought as a prize
Parties were all around
where lonesomeness waited their turn
That’s how it was
life was lived
That’s how it will be and you should
live life to the fullest …



by : Bacardi Gold


Photo by Julian Jagtenberg on Pexels.com


I’m standing here
waiting for you
to carry me somewhere
where flowers talk and listen

Take me to a place
where language is never spoken
where the human eyes speak to a few
and can read my lips in view

My heart beats
but you never understand
you touched my face
only to be left anew

Your whispers are wordless
yet my ears listened
and i had the presumption
that your love is endless

Carry my thoughts to the heavens
where chances are great
that you can read my mind
and nurture my dreams

Wind, i’m here on top of this foggy hill
let me be the one to interfere
let the urgent cleansing of the soul commence
and make this paradise my heaven i love so dear