Photography #47 – Leaves

by : Bacardi Gold


Bluer than Blue

by : Bacardi Gold

green is to be young
the dawn of a new season
then you came into my life
when we were still not man and wife

greener days like the life of a tree
when time begins to move and flowing free
gentle whispers blown by different winds
green hearts of ours echoed the footprints

as we lived our lives and gambled our youth
we found ourselves hiding the ultimate truth
unforseen drama of different shades and hue
the promise of Spring turned to lonely blue

now the leaves of the once greener young tree
crumbled to the ground without a trace of glee
the love that we shared was left for another
bluer than blue, the green leaves of Summer


image from : Pinterest

Photography – Symmetry #07

Nogas Island, Antique, Philippines“Some tourists have chopped these spiny leaves of this plant for reasons only them knew. But is it necessary to damage the beauty of this plant just to expose the inner structural arrangement of its leaves?”


by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Hasan Albari on

adrift in the gust of whisky wind
losing directions escaped and freed
yellowed by time in the dry summers
swayed to sleep in the wintry rains

out in the open where all is free
braved the gloom of the cold dark nights
impulse of the early warm mornings 
wake the sanity of the day's life

falling leaves dropped on the thirsty ground
didn't spoke a word bruised or hurt
stayed 'till the living color has browned
picked up and thrown to the pyramiding pile

billowing smoke embraced the leafy mound
heat has blazed to a sea of flames
ashes remained blown to leave a trickle of trace
served its greener life to a tree and waned