“SHE” – NAPOWRIMO 2015, DAY 20

In every part of the world, domesticated dogs are regarded differently. Although they are considered as pets, dogs have earned an important place in society’s choice of interest as a friend, in view of their characteristics of friendship, protectiveness, affection and most of all, their loyalty to their masters.

This is a poem written and posted on my other site. I’m reblogging this to beat the drums for our dog back in the province. I’m missing her.

Here it is :


she always greets me at the gate

even when i arrive at night a little late

at most, she’s there at the sofa

half asleep, sitting like the master of yoga


she’s always there when i eat

any meal, she craves for some meat

but if given snacks of any kind

she’ll thank me with a smiling look in the eye


when the house is feeling so empty

doors are close, home is silent, like there’s nobody

she’ll sit on my lap with her wet tongue ready

to kiss my palms, begging to be hugged like a baby


so i’ll stand and start the needed reaction

i’ll cuddle and rub her body in any direction

sometimes with what i do she’s not satisfied

i’ll kiss her nose and embrace my darling so tight


until her sleepy eyes dive to the center of dreams

while her legs break apart without any screams

in the morning she wakes ahead of me

“bark, bark,”  good morning oh, my doggie, Lasie…




by : Bacardi Gold

I have few friends. Befriending anyone demands my feel. A feeling of lightness towards a person may lead to consider opening up a conversation. Physical appearance is insignificant. Through a conversation, my first impression could be partially based and I could gamble for a second plunge.

This is how friend is defined by the dictionary. I took only three significant definitions. I thought that using pictures will further boost what the dictionary says.

It is a noun.

1.a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

2.a person who gives assistance; patronsupporter

Almost there...give me one more push... #HappyAlert via @Happy Hippo Billy

3.a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile:Who goes there? Friend or foe?

It's  beautiful, this time of day... dhm

It is a verb (used with object).

Rare. to befriend.

to add (a person) to one’s list of contacts on a social media website:

Absolute love

An idiomatic expression of friend.

  1. make friends with, to enter into friendly relations with; become a friend to.

There are many sub-topics about friends that could be discussed. Idioms, quotes, quotations, sayings, poems, and songs could be written about. Its significance could not be ruled out in our everyday undertakings. Its meaning could be put to practice. We could find friends anywhere. And enemies, too. But who needs one. I prefer trustworthy friends rather than bitter enemies. The world would be peaceful with friends. Count on me and let’s make this universe happy.

Friends could be an animal or nature. It doesn’t always mean to be humans. Even beasts could become a sweet friend. In some instances wild animals could be domesticated and eventually adopt our ways and behavior and become our dearest friend.

This is all for now. Be a friend to everybody. It’s worth to be one.