by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com


an empty room
swaying in outer space

a glass wall
where teardrops spill off

a candle lights up
in solitary gloom

how could i break away

from these sensation and restive insights
and fall prey to a judgment
done in midnights…


Glisten in the Shallows

by : Bacardi Gold

as i turn my head here and there
another spot of gift
exchanged greetings …

no one had stayed long enough to endure
the discomfort and injuries of anyone’s feet
nature’s sharp-edged rocks on the stretch

cool and lovely white sands to wade
glisten in the shallows of the distance

hidden under the nippy calm waters



by : Bacardi Gold


dive into the waters of the murky sky
gather the stars from the bottom of the ocean floor
empty the rivers to run dry
color in oil the flowers drawn in fashion

dream all the nightmares of the night
scatter the scenes in your slumberous sleep

be the knight hero as you snooze back into a trance
at peace with yourself as the soul rests to retire

scribble all the letters in the milky way
far apart they float in senseless drafts of ghosts
clothed in white as you near the gates of the graves
open wide your eyes as you comb your curly ash blond hair…



by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Mohamed Sarim on Pexels.com

my spirit is awake
finding ways of shaping things
building scenarios
out of a pyramid of words

the sun may be hours away
and a tinged of preparedness
drops the immaturity of ripeness
of doing things right….


Only One

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Gursharndeep Singh on Pexels.com


when all the grasses are taller than me
when all the morning dewdrops become my pool to bathe
should i wonder and be confused about my surroundings
or continue my sleep ’till i find the beginnings

the air that i breath are perfumes in the wind
they float everywhere and go un-destined
if all of it goes a-missing
where would i be find a-living

take me by the hand let’s share the world

we only see a single sun
we only have one place to run
there’s only one Heaven when all is done…


the night time

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Faruk Tokluou011flu on Pexels.com


this is the night time
the almost stoical philosophy
fascinating the hours
of the early dawn

the silent moment
where shadows sometimes hide
in the deepest silence
in the corners of every dream

clouds and smoke billow from the chimney
where yesterday’s bit of fantasy
become a yarn of romance
worn by bodies in love…


My fresh start…

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com


i tried to collect some words
i haven’t expressed for months
the attempt was not easy
after the second dose was given

a fresh start for me
as some rusts were beginning to show
the mind that was sharp then
has grown flat, dull and blunt

felt a little sorry for myself
’cause i struggled the change and contrast
but i have strove for more
to do better than my last…