The Knot

by : Bacardi Gold



looping a piece of string
or a part of it interlaced
decorative or just practical
tying together the ends

a ceremony where hearts are tied
together two people live as man and wife
scions of love their unions bore
proving the knot of love is pure

knots when wrongly handled
can maim or kill or disable
knots of love or knots of hate
the former, its yours to embrace


Published by

Bacardi Gold

It's nice to be back writing again in I guess my time will provide me space to breath a little and write a little. This unique moment is pressing me to squeeze whatever little thoughts I have in my brain and share them with you. Friends of all colors and beliefs, please support me for this endeavor as we spread friendship and understanding worldwide.

7 thoughts on “The Knot”

  1. Bonjour
    Mon petit passage du jour pour venir te dire bonjour, j y dépose ma petite image pleine de bonheur pour réchauffer ton cœur pour passer une agréable journée…
    Amitié bise Bernard

    Liked by 1 person

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