by : Bacardi Gold

image taken from Pinterest

beloved little child in his arms he carried
like a babe in the woods, innocently naked
blameless at that guiltless stage
thoughts so pure and angelic at his age

the child didn’t know how it was
to be a loving father like him
didn’t know how it was in everyday living
poverty has taken them in

drowning in the neck-deep rotten trash
looking for something to be sold for cash
but what a little worth of money can buy
food which can’t last an hour of supply

staring at the child without a healthy meal
was like a kill, driving him to steal
he was not him on the planned day on the street
he’s not a thief, not a rubber nor a cheat

“Lord, please give us food, oh Lord”, he did pray
“don’t let lose my guarded virtues to decay”
on that changed of heart he was thankful for
the sick child awoke and saw a man at the door

a neighbor showed up bearing foods as a gift
dressed in all white and acted like a priest
indeed, a servant of the Lord has already come
the answer to his prayers and it’s done

foods now lay on the table for two
hungered those abundance that’s something new
never too late, came rarity breezed in
wind of miracle was felt by the heart and skin…


Published by

Bacardi Gold

It's nice to be back writing again in Wordpress.com. I guess my time will provide me space to breath a little and write a little. This unique moment is pressing me to squeeze whatever little thoughts I have in my brain and share them with you. Friends of all colors and beliefs, please support me for this endeavor as we spread friendship and understanding worldwide.

24 thoughts on “Poverty”

  1. This is a powerful post. Well written and very moving. I read it sitting eating my banana and cereal in my first world life and gave thanks for my good fortune which is ,in reality, just an accident of birth. I was born here and those children were not.


    1. Thank you for the read and your comment, Anne. These children were not as lucky as you are but as they grow up they’ll find out that being poor won’t be the reason why the Lord is at their side, their defender, hero and savior. Thanks again. Stay safe and Cheers !

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  2. Whst an excellent, how great emphasized n you too kind heart to pen down such an heartbreaking post dear. It really brought tears to my heart. Prayers for such straggling souls 🙏 ❤


  3. This picture breaks my heart 😭😭. The one factor that surprises me is that that there is no proper distribution of wealth all over the world. There is extreme poverty prevailing in many parts of the world whereas so of the people have so much money that they can do anything with it. Even buy slots on the moon!
    The write up is so touching and I can totally relate to it as I belong to a third world country. I can totally feel the emotions that has all gone into creating this piece.
    Do go through my articles if you like and do not forget to drop in your feedback!



    1. The basic human needs must be met in order to lift the minimum standard of living . Financial resources must be addressed. Governments of countries must exert efforts to solve this universal problem which is poverty. …Thank you for the comment . I’ll visit your articles….


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