Grieve in private or….we could die in numbers

by : Bacardi Gold


virtual goodbyes from faces
whose tears are flowing from afar
unembraced goodbyes separated by ropes
distanced from miles away by car

a selected few of chosen attendees
made a traffic of flying hugs and kisses
in the skyway of imagining traffic lights
gestures were done our virtual first and last goodbyes

we were born only to die

dying is our final place to hide
but it is so painful to be lost today
to be grabbed by the virus and taken away

bye-bye to our loved ones, adios
wherever you might be, in heaven or hell

catch our sweet kisses in the sky
God knows we’ve said our last goodbyes…




by : Bacardi Gold

image taken from Pinterest

beloved little child in his arms he carried
like a babe in the woods, innocently naked
blameless at that guiltless stage
thoughts so pure and angelic at his age

the child didn’t know how it was
to be a loving father like him
didn’t know how it was in everyday living
poverty has taken them in

drowning in the neck-deep rotten trash
looking for something to be sold for cash
but what a little worth of money can buy
food which can’t last an hour of supply

staring at the child without a healthy meal
was like a kill, driving him to steal
he was not him on the planned day on the street
he’s not a thief, not a rubber nor a cheat

“Lord, please give us food, oh Lord”, he did pray
“don’t let lose my guarded virtues to decay”
on that changed of heart he was thankful for
the sick child awoke and saw a man at the door

a neighbor showed up bearing foods as a gift
dressed in all white and acted like a priest
indeed, a servant of the Lord has already come
the answer to his prayers and it’s done

foods now lay on the table for two
hungered those abundance that’s something new
never too late, came rarity breezed in
wind of miracle was felt by the heart and skin…