by : Bacardi Gold

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questions left unanswered
witty thoughts gave a smile
unanswered questions forgotten
in the sanctuary of a joyous profile
queries sometimes need aloofness
that they should not be asked
disclosures need no spaces
if questions question the questions’ task

a question need an answer
for it asks us for something
functions as a request for information
being sought unknown
the only questions i want to ask
is as simple as, do you love me
if you can’t give an answer now
after a year, will you marry me


Published by

Bacardi Gold

It's nice to be back writing again in I guess my time will provide me space to breath a little and write a little. This unique moment is pressing me to squeeze whatever little thoughts I have in my brain and share them with you. Friends of all colors and beliefs, please support me for this endeavor as we spread friendship and understanding worldwide.

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