Sunny day

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on


A sunny day
bright and full of smiles
ambience is in high spirits
everyone stepped out of character
Clouds took wings and
rushed to a distance
gave space to two people’s pleasures
now rejoicing in the moment’s freedom



Your Will

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Maria Orlova on


once will be enough
dreams don’t have reruns
nightly affair with closed eye
a trip elsewhere in a distance

it’s the other way around
what they really mean
when the night plays you’re rich
morning is, you’re a guy in need

it is not real nor the truth
when you wish upon a dream
it is what you hope in thought
that you will reign supreme

your will to win gaining the laurels
losing hope is undoing a dream
if you’re tired running, walk but don’t stop
’till the race is won don’t loose your steam…