Bad Guys

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“Bad guys are best heard in their bad deeds and hardly seen in their good words. They have overflowing abstract intellectual surplus in their minds.”
— Anonymous

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Travel Photography – Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

by : Bacardi Gold

The airport is located in Racha Thewa in the Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan province, 30 kilometers east of Bangkok. It inherited its IATA airport code  BKK  from Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport. In the interim period while both airports were operating operating (from September 15th to September 28th) Suvarnabhumi used the code NBK. Don Mueang International Airport’s new code is DMK.

130 passport control checkpoints for arrivals, 72 for departures.
26 customs control checkpoints for arrivals, 8 for departures.
22 baggage conveyor belts.
360 check-in counters. There are 100 additional counters for passengers without luggage.
107 moving walkways.
102 elevators.
83 escalators.