by: Bacardi Gold

image by : ramsey tendero


today, expectations come alive
where thoughts deceive my dreams
nights are its hidden home
whatever are the colors and themes

if darkness are sweet retreats
where dreams are often rehearsed
until they show perfection
then scenes are ready to be shown

i’ll wait for the sun to shine
where everything can catch a glimpse
their shadows in my eyes can’t hide
their gifts can’t be known their price

receive the blessings of tomorrow
whatever they may be
bigger packages don’t mean the fanciest
valuable ones come in small packages…



Growing older

by : Bacardi Gold




golden leaves never fly high
they fall and blown to a distance
the greens still holding on by
add color to life of innocent ones

yellowed foliage for a time they cling
dark reds and lights persist survival of life
summer, winter, autumn, and spring
seasons end, come and go, like man and wife

life changes as we grow old
but we can’t stop pursuing our dreams
the thick snow on the roof of my home
doesn’t mean i manufacture ice creams…



by : Bacardi Gold

image by : Ramsey Tendero


tiny beads of tears
when heaven started to cry
once there was a love
that flowed along the river
glossing sharp edges of life

greetings of hope shone
after the rains dropped its load
roars of streams were heard
were ruins of the past hide
mem’ries were drained by the eyes



by : Bacardi Gold


Photo by Julian Jagtenberg on


I’m standing here
waiting for you
to carry me somewhere
where flowers talk and listen

Take me to a place
where language is never spoken
where the human eyes speak to a few
and can read my lips in view

My heart beats
but you never understand
you touched my face
only to be left anew

Your whispers are wordless
yet my ears listened
and i had the presumption
that your love is endless

Carry my thoughts to the heavens
where chances are great
that you can read my mind
and nurture my dreams

Wind, i’m here on top of this foggy hill
let me be the one to interfere
let the urgent cleansing of the soul commence
and make this paradise my heaven i love so dear


he can…

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Spencer Davis on


before you leave
search your troubled mind
where the mark of fulfillment
is successfully done

get going
let yourself get there
where the green light of passage
is lit before the setting of the sun

the pathway may be long
and you’ve reached the part that you’ll have to choose
the track that passes through the thick forested land
the other crosses the sea and you think you can’t

it’s up to you which way you choose
either of the two will make you win or lose
believing in one’s self is the key how to plan
to win the battle goes to the man who thinks he can…


Still Burning…

by : Bacardi Gold

your lips against mine
feeling chills of winter snow
it’s all over me

like the blizzard blast
befalling the heart’s sad cries
but it goes mending

two hearts find its way
burning up some troubling frost
pained hearts now in tune

my lips against yours
these kisses now seems so warm
love’s flames still burning …


i have to start somewhere…

by : Bacardi Gold


Mt. Tapias, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
image by: Ramsey Tendero


i am here
carried by my thoughts
reacting to a dream

i am there
dragged by my hope
talking back to an aim

here, there and everywhere
i have to start somewhere
now, later or never

up, i’ll find some stairs to the heavens,
or build a highway to the stars
can’t make it

if there’s no beginning…


Veiled pages

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on


I heard some silence
hiding in a senile space
opening closed doors

explosion of thoughts
breaking loud-voiced secrecy
deciphering code

retired on the shelf
veiled pages browsed by the young
a scholarly find


Let God walk side by side with me…

by : Bacardi Gold

Image : Binurong Point, Baras, Catanduanes, Philippines


i didn’t expect it to begin
to creep inside this shell
a recital of notes flipflopping
an old saw with rusty teeth
ready to grind an opening

dusty papers yellowed by time
bullied by the tentacles of blue years
a face of reality now in the running
marching in the open without fears
braver and stronger with a love burning

past love i let slip from memory
consigned to oblivion i let it fly free
a new dawn of love waiting just for me
a new chance to roll the dice and venture again
and let God walk side by side with me…