Dawn of Change

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Yogendra Singh on Pexels.com

I see an empty bottle floating
One of the many odds and ends
Thrown away without sense of care
Thoughts bothered with decaying fragments

Disconcerted venting the anguish
For a cleaner place unmindful folks don’t heed
Unpolluted and spotless dream is just a wish
Left me screaming my nights to be merited

In a sea of garbage survival is the question
To gain next to us is the next generation
So get the dawn of change an early birth
Cleanliness is a must to save our planet earth…

Published by

Bacardi Gold

I've stopped writing for a long time and I want to start again. I've lost track on operating wordpress.com. Please support me for my return.

15 thoughts on “Dawn of Change”

    1. .la gente davvero non impara le lezioni… anche i nostri oceani sono disseminati di plastica di ogni tipo.Lo smaltimento dei rifiuti richiede un’implementazione rigorosa…. Grazie per aver condiviso i tuoi pensieri….Stai al sicuro!

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    1. People have their own reason for doing what should not be done. Some do it for monetary considerations, others maybe for their necessities. Maybe the government needs to disseminate information regarding destruction of environment…….Thank you very much for your comment…Be safe !

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