Waves : DAY 03 – ( MY PROMPTS )

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mare gif

the curling waters that make a splash 

on the shore it bends ’till it kisses the sands

continuing  its way a little up on a sloping land

and return to the sea without reaching where I stand


as i watch the rushing waves to the shore

the blowing wind is making an uproar

a bundle of water shoved and blown

that will kiss my lips when i’m alone


waves rolling from the ocean to the beach

colliding against rocks and stone when they reach

the shallow part  making such a splattering

just like some lovers’  when they’re arguing


but sweetness comes on dry sunny  days

sea shells on shore is dribbled and then chased

the waving is smooth just tickling to grace

the lighter face of the waves in praise


twilight shore sparkles like fields of golden harvest

as it is laid down with  yellowish golden carpet

 for two lovers will march for a union of hearts

to take their vow as  they say, ‘Till death do us part” 




The Full Moon Mural

by : Bacardi Gold

I can’t find a perfect picture that will best describe the poem. I opted for this one.
I hope you’ll like it, too. … —- bacardi gold

the framed mural of the beauty of the full moon
reflections of charm and grace caught in a lagoon
with falling stars that spark in the dreaminess of night
the dark seems to stain the true colors of the daylight

finished in black, birds, trees and humans
colors of night, as dark as the moonless oceans
yet the drama unfolds in the splendor of the mind
caught in the strokes of the brush the scene unwind

the canvas depiction of the other story
sunset brushed in fiery colors came into twilight’s glory
cheerfulness of the rainbow was a complete surprise
making the hell of a twilight a little bit of paradise…


That was…

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

the sound of music keeps whispering
the usual sound i chose in my ear lingering
maybe several summers have passed me
all pleasing, mellow, soft and easy

deep in my heart flowed swiftly are memories
awakening sad failures and happy victories
transporting me back into the screen of life that was
when legion of blunders have shaped and built in a canvas

if i were to relive back the time
and fix myself on those stages of growth
seriously rectified
will be the lapses and faults
only time can keep those errors in the vault…

Old Chinese Pier

by : Bacardi Gold

Folks from the southern Philippines call this port as the Old Chinese Pier in the pre Spanish times as the entre point of goods from Chinese traders, Arab businessmen and some Filipino locals doing business in the southern Philippines. This is also the portal to some nearby provinces in going to Zamboanga province and some places in Malaysia.

Laugh with me !

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Djordje Petrovic on Pexels.com

all of us has been doing this
enabling us to bond
quickly and easily with others
your cries can be reversed

it is contagious but
it can relax the muscles
lowers our anxieties
boosts our moods

if we do it frequently
tension is released
daily pressures are lessened
resiliency is nurtured in the process

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
laugh with me, ha, ha, ha
laughter is the best medicine
make it an hourly or daily routine

find a reason to laugh
make an effort seeking cheer and laughter
don’t loose yourself just make it cool
so as not to be rated as a fool…



by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Tiziano Pedrini on Pexels.com

i let you go from today

i set you free to be on your way

almost over is your time tracks

my dark cast duplicating my acts

when everything is calm

i can hear your footsteps

under the bright light of day

always there, the figure of gray

in the night of my dream

i barely saw you on my bed

holding my hands so tight

moving on a cloudy pale shade of light

a child i was and still very small

by chance i stumbled, fell and crawled

waited for you to lift me up

felt your absence as i stood up

i’m the dark figure cast upon the floor

the body intercepted light from your open door

your life, your heart and your soul in tow

depends upon me, myself, my beloved shadow

now i go breathless, stiff and cold

freedom was delivered precious as gold

pale and dumb as the shadow’s slept

from the depth under i go unwept…


Haiku #19 – Forever…

by : Bacardi Gold

you’re my X , i’m pleased

being my girlfriend, you ceased

now my wife for

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com


Passing of Night

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

fill my world tonight

with gentle sighs and

moans of satisfaction

rest your contented mind

in the safety of my arms

roll your dream towards me

as we explore the vacancy of space

walking in the darkness of time

’till we find ourselves drenched

in the warm embrace of the sun…