by : Bacardi Gold

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i am a stranger
an intruder of myself
i have become an alien
to my dawned habits
an immigrant of my dreams

In the nights of my growth
one barely knew me
i became a wanderer
in the palace of my soul
under a different roof

the ages drag me through
in the shelter of saints
where prayers became foods
in every meals of sinners
named me the guest of squatters

no longer a stranger
in the company of reformed
a drifter with wings
ready to take the merits of dignity
i am a resident of my own self…

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Bacardi Gold

I've stopped writing for a long time and I want to start again. I've lost track on operating Please support me for my return.

11 thoughts on “Stranger”

  1. bella questa riflessione, ho apprezzato la frase “io sono un residente di me stesso” molto evocativa, in fondo un po’ tutti ci troviamo in questa sensazione, soprattutto in quest’anno di distanze e solitudini..
    Tanti Auguri di Buon Natale..

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    1. I fixed some pictures that were lost on my posts. I still have to complete the remaining ones. I don’t understand why many of my pictures were gone missing.. Thank you for leaving inspiring words. It helps.

      Liked by 1 person

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