A vital part of your identity…

by: Bacardi Gold

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

if i’ll braid your tongue
could you speak a little bit formal
a little bit nicer
if i’ll clip it with a hairpin
could your pitch be a little bit low
a little bit sweet
if i’ll sew it with a thread and needle
could you talk to me like a priest
delivering his sermon
and not a sergeant
giving commands to his soldiers
can’t we have a discourse without
the subject of philosophy and you acting like a lawyer
can’t we talk in simple manner
without reciting a declamation like my mother
can’t we exchange views
without giving a lecture like my father
can’t we talk seriously and honestly
without acting a spiel like my brother or sister
can’t we plainly talk like a true friend

the way you talk can point the kind of circles you have
the job that you have
and how you see the world
it’s your window into who you are
which can be a vital part of your identity…

Published by

Bacardi Gold

I've stopped writing for a long time and I want to start again. I've lost track on operating wordpress.com. Please support me for my return.

22 thoughts on “A vital part of your identity…”

  1. The tone of voice is so important. Many have become used to being dictatorial in their ways in order to survive this world. Loud and forceful like a sergeant major. You have described it well, what can we do to make people change their alienated ways. Blessings

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    1. IF we are soldiers we have to abide with our superiors. Same with our parents and siblings .We can request them to tone down their voices. Same thing with other people. A low tone of our voices can be more likely to be respected than a forceful one. Thank you so much for the message….. Be safe !

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