Photography # 39 – Decorative Squash

| by : Bacardi Gold

I bought these from our local SM City Mall
SM City Fairview, Novaliches

TERAPIA D’URTO – This is an Adult material (For Adults Only)


La crisi del settimo anno. Ne avevo sempre sentito parlare, ma viverla fu una cosa diversa, mi resi conto che non era solo un modo di dire.Per essere precisi, sono sposata da sette anni e tre mesi. Io e mio marito ci sposammo per amore, non era solo il raggiungimento di uno status sociale, non era solo perché, come capita a molti, eravamo fidanzati da oltre dieci anni. Ma forse era solo una coincidenza che la nostra crisi sia avvenuta proprio dopo sette anni, non c’era nulla di statistico. Non abbiamo avuto figli, almeno per adesso, ma non demordiamo. Abbiamo consultato molti specialisti del settore e, dopo alcune analisi, è saltato fuori che gli spermatozoi del mio partner sono più lenti della norma. Ora abbiamo smesso di parlarne; affrontare l’argomento ci rende nervosi e lui prende la cosa sul personale, quindi, quando parliamo di concepimento finiamo sempre per litigare. Ma…

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Photography #37 – Instant Canton Noodles with Fried Tofu & Blanced Pechay

by : Bacardi Gold

There were times when I felt so hungry and I needed something to eat. Thanks for the instant foods that our stomach demands right away, particularly noodles. Here’s my take for this popular Asian instant food. Hmmmm, yummmmy !


by : Bacardi Gold

in the calmness of the mind
when time is not innocent to know
where your movement is dependent
on what you want to enact and do

the time frame could be definite
of achieving a fruitful mark
to be or not to be
let your ambition choose your want

daydream, if you may
it’s free and no one will criticize
it is sufficient what you want to be
in the shortest time ever…

Photography # 37/ Poetry, “I Will Be Tough” – Baler, Aurora, Philippines

by : Bacardi Gold

I feel the hurt
Deep inside me
I feel the burn
My heart is going crazy

I have no choice
To be free but lonely
Then your heart rejoiced
Forgetting me, your one and only

Free as the colors of rainbows
See how it vanished in the sky
Leaving me with all the sorrows
When you finally said goodbye

Tiny and bigger rocks
Littered on the sandy shore
Just like lives here on earth
You stepped on them then you ignored

Gone for another love
In the arms of someone else
My love you’ve felt was not enough
Losing me, I will be tough…


Wings of Time…

by : Bacardi Gold

Photo by Engin Akyurt on

let me stay on your wings
cradle me to safety
lift me up from the floods of time
from the evils of crime, wrap me

let me sleep on your comfort
and dream the impossible
nurture my futile thoughts
on your wings, we’ll make it real

with you we can make it happen
together we’ll leave the fantasy
we will make a way out
’cause I’m riding on the wings of time

let me share your wings
let us soar the sky
together we’ll make our own time
let me wish, let me hope for the wings of time

it’s not magic
i’ll strive for it
to let it grow
my own pair of wings…

Night Owl …

by : Bacardi Gold

night of life
after the days of glory
it comes unexpectedly
dark times defame

honor and prestige
once they were strengths
if tainted with negatives
they drown in the drains

hold high your self esteem
treat it with high regard
for no one will hold it dear
the value of respect to your character

night owl dressed in white
you are awake during the night
while everyone go asleep
the dark respects your moment to keep …

image : Pinterest