September Morn

Photo by Sebastian Su00f8rensen on
dogs were howling
as if the spirits have invaded the neighborhood
then they growled
as if thieves have attacked a home
then they moaned
as if there's a dying woman that has been slashed in the neck

this is not a dream
i am awake
it's 3 a.m. and i am awake.

lizards on the ceiling were crawling upside down
then he let his tongue gripped a mosquito
his throat ballooned and the little insect 
was down inside his throat

barking dogs in unison
tiny barks of puppies born outside of wedlock
large barks of adults  alternating
then i heard a window crashed somewhere
i stood up from bed
gazed outside the window
saw nothing unusual
except my shorts were down on my knees
that was not mine, it's my mother's
the maid mixed it up arranging them

it's 3:30 a.m. and i was still awake
it was so quiet and in a minute there was light 
from heaven and it sparked repeatedly 
then there was rumbling, cracking of the heavens
as if the gates of thy kingdom come divided
then there were marble-sized drops of rains
on the roof falling so hard and so long

then the lights went out
the refrigerator started to be quiet 
the electric fan stopped being a fan
it started to stand like a steel toy
like a ship's engine that grinds
and powers it to float and sail

my world started to see the big ball of fire
looking through my window
i heard chickens, fighting cocks crowing
then dogs again were barking
then the cats that strayed
then the engines of vehicles, trucks, cars, etc.
then the radios blared
then the sounds of people everywhere
this must be heaven !

Is this hell? ...

September morn has broken !