Photography – Haiku # 10 – “tree of life”

went to an island
sighted awesome tree of life
amazing fruits hang…


The drafts…

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on


mentally disturbed with the free fragments of written diaries
eyes dazzled through each and danced with scripted minds
filtered and classified forgetting  what it’s all about
mixed up in confusion  on the wide spread  colored canvas
only to see  the beginning at the end of the short lived piece

seeing a copy of draft standing at the center of the spread
moved around the right and skidded through the side of the left
grinning as it erased the written scene  altered to the beat of criticism
landed on the left again with a pinch of a harrowing displeasure
wordless majority clapped  in support of the green lighted stance

ruling pronounced there should be no colored negatives
leaning just a bit would make collapsing  stretch to end
like others that showed  different  deceitful agenda
pretentious ones that survived the monitored revealing 
banked in another mode of survival, lacked the oxygen to breath

then they expired right there on the screen never to be seen…