Can’t think well!

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I have a blank mind tonight
It’s not working
My God, what’s happening!
I glanced a cup of tea beside me
I made it, three hours ago, I forgot!
It’s a brand of green tea
But it’s not green, it’s brown
Now it’s lukewarm, a little bit less lukewarm
I’m waiting for my brain to function
I feel a bit different at this moment
I can’t think well…..a bit squeezed
A bit loose, a bit slow to react…. 
All this time I’ve been sitting here
So, this is what I’ve made
This is all ! 
I have to post this and…
I’m posting it! 


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Bacardi Gold

I've stopped writing for a long time and I want to start again. I've lost track on operating Please support me for my return.

11 thoughts on “Can’t think well!”

    1. Yes, there are some issues bothering me. Something personal, but I guess this will not last long. Family problems are often to be discussed by members concerned. I’ll pray for help. But I’m happy because ……hahaha ! ……Be safe, my friend.

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      1. No probs. And I typed “dies” instead of “does.” Stupud me. It is because I am blind. Hey, no worries. 😊


  1. Zoning out or dissociating is real and it happens to many of us… don’t worry. It might just be that something is bothering you and causing stress hence you keep becoming absentminded otherwise if it goes on for more than a week check up with a doc 🥺❤


    1. Thank you very much for the suggestion…I’ve gone out of my room after two days of being me, myself, and I……. free from distraction. I have composed myself now after a recollection of my faculties. Thanks a lot . Be safe.

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