King from an Austral Hemisphere

Photo by alexandre saraiva carniato on
The distant influence of the faraway moon
hanging like a spherical crystal dream
enclosed in a defined circle of space 
encasing an aquarium of singing musical notes 
floating in the web of guarded vigilance

A distant time in the aegis of a free rein
witching hours' celebrations of liberty is in full swing
dances of unrestraint privilege in a rhythmic beat of to and fro
till the wheel's ray diminished its luminous scented glare
defining the limits of its morn

A roguish fiery god of the universe
has awakened from a snooze of a bad fantasy dream
re-living the world as a king from an austral hemisphere
exploiting the mandate of his newly won couch
snatching the moon while shying away 
its mantle of angered gentle clouds 

Stargazing on a dark murky sky...

Yanking twinkling stars 
with a yard stick of intimidation
sowing fear among the traditional clan 
of bright stars and planets 
braving the blemished uncertainty 
of the dawning milky way...