We are obliged to wear mask now. The virus are spreading globally and masks is a must for all of us. Read , this lady has a different kind of mask. Would you wear this too?

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exterior looks
a great disguise
like a princess,
that never cries
daintily walks
through the isles
applauded by people
that never smile
a display of wealth
covered herself
all that glitters
expensive, they glare
in the eyes of many
her life is  aplenty
hidden deep inside
a life without glory
her shoes are of gold
shoelace are, too
up to the crown
sparkling, and her gown
but when she smiled
it looked like a frown
no sincerity
she wore no crown
people have seen us
graceful as a lotus
above the water
a lovely flower
the leaves just float
and roots are hidden
what’s the true picture
the roots are rotten
our ways, the brush that paints
if we’re one among
the sinners or saints
no matter how thick
our suits that we pick
wearing a concealment 
don’t hide individual being
it’s under the mask man…

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Bacardi Gold

It's nice to be back writing again in I guess my time will provide me space to breath a little and write a little. This unique moment is pressing me to squeeze whatever little thoughts I have in my brain and share them with you. Friends of all colors and beliefs, please support me for this endeavor as we spread friendship and understanding worldwide.

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