At the horizon…

Maybe the island at the horizon is more peaceful. If I get there, I’ll know the answer. So, I have to reach for my dream.



by : Bacardi Gold22/may/2022 ___________________ silent as the clouds abovefrosty than the winter snowsaintly when they speak of lovewords lovely as the rainbow reserve when madness rings insmile is the armor that appearsdefeat the temper that comes insometimes it burns up all in tears annoyances come differentlyin others they don’t mindfelt deep acting like a … Continue reading Anger

The Charge

by : Bacardi Gold15/may/2022 image from: Pinterest_______________ sounds of anger birthingfrom the sky murmuring losing the pain of tearscrying from sacred tierscollectively flowing _______________

Later that night…

by : Bacardi Gold29/april/2022 _______________ alluring presence pried my vision’s rangehooked in her image a little bit grandfrom where i stood, i felt a little strangelooked like the lady in Frankenstein’s land later that night she walked into my dreamin her hand she held a lighted candle called my name… her fangs showed, i had … Continue reading Later that night…

I am…

by : Bacardi Gold28/april/2022 ___________ i took the chancebut it bit mei proceededbut it left meso i stopped tryingnot being me… ___________


by : Bacardi Gold26/april/2022 image by : ramsey tendero ______________ i’m staring at youwith inquisitive eyesstupefied i must sayit’s been a whilethat you’ve been hangingon that flat solid blind wall writings on some of the numbered daysmarked to be brought to mindmy happy smiles are one of a kindungodly images nothing can comparego raining on … Continue reading Calendar

Travel – Enchanted River

by : Bacardi Gold26/april/2022 The Philippines has never ran out of beautiful places for visitors to see and explore. One could be fascinated and charmed when they visit this particular place that will attract their attention on its unusual character. In Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, Philippines, there’s a river that the local people claimed to … Continue reading Travel – Enchanted River

Walk On

by : Bacardi Gold16/april/2022 by : Bacardi Gold16/april/2022 ________________ Tough, through the ugliness of times, you’ll beunyielding to the challenges, though badthrusting strength to earn your view of gloryretaining grace, self decency you have Distinct from the other life that meritsdesert’s bone-dry state now in abundancelife’s colors abloom as heartache exitsrain’s sweet scent blends with … Continue reading Walk On

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Bacardi Gold

It's nice to be back writing again in I guess my time will provide me space to breath a little and write a little. This unique moment is pressing me to squeeze whatever little thoughts I have in my brain and share them with you. Friends of all colors and beliefs, please support me for this endeavor as we spread friendship and understanding worldwide.

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