At the horizon…

Maybe the island at the horizon is more peaceful. If I get there, I’ll know the answer. So, I have to reach for my dream.


Haiku # 46 – Red

by : Bacardi Gold 30/march/2023 image by : ramsey tendero, shot in Biliran province, Philippines____________ enthusiastic redagog, keen to go gagacraved to smell your seed_____________


by : Bacardi Gold27/march/2023 ____________write drafts and impressions not to raise hell and inflame heartsenrage one’s temper and stew him in steaming angerrather write to construct and layout heavenerase, dissolve or weaken fury, rage and hatred sprinkle droplets of peace and understandingand be generous and kind in forgiving… ____________

Let them…

by : Bacardi Gold23/march/2023 ____________they didn’t evolve as oneof what they were conscious oftwo distinct peopleeach has different dreams to pursuetogether they exist but it didn’t make them growa brighter one, their future might be so let them be apart, let each be free_____________

Your Throne

by : Bacardi Gold19/march/2023 when all the circles ran agroundstuck on a hill of sand dunes and moundsknee-deep, the snag, everything went wrong trusting, the cul-de-sac won’t last that longdon’t break a heart, not your heart of stonecluttered debris of setbacks are not easily wonbe tough and strong, know you’re not alonetests of time could…

Should I…

by : Bacardi Gold10/march/2023_________________today, i woke up with some thoughtsshould i write or just forgo the daynoises i heard of today’s punchesare lifting me up from the bedintensity of spirit is driving me outaway from the usual mei saw a caravan of weakened soulsheading to a point unknownwith open hands raised to the heavenstheir faces…


by : Bacardi Gold09/march/2023________when no dreams are left to dreamno roads to tread and shadows to follow no hints of footprints to trace and tracka calm sleep tonight is hard to wish forwill the sunrise wake you upand greet tomorrow with a wooden smilea star-gazer in an angry sky tonight delaying chances is another time…


by : Bacari Gold19/feb/2023____________feeling the cold windin an open sea of guiltwarm as a summer’s heati could never see where hatred was builta castle made of stoneat the top of a lonely thronepeople living in therecan’t find a little lovea simple, warm, and tender carefriendly a smile, sincere a hugcan the utmost difference makewhere kindness…

Passing Thoughts

by : Bacardi Gold27/jan/2023 image by: pexels-photo-3368246____________i walked into the center of broken reveriesbefuddled and flummoxed, i shared a stumped image of the beginning’s birthmarked moments at the spilled beanscaptured the past glories and shames with recognition or admission of guilt…_____________


Inspire Me…

I’m waiting for a spark to strike me to begin a topic of discussion. Something that will ignite my mind and feelings to write. It hasn’t come to me at this moment. Maybe at the stretch of this piece it will come slowly and without my knowledge this writing is finished.

Inspiration ! This is what I am waiting for. Ideas. Feelings. Arousal of my mind. I still can’t advance the continuance of what I am looking for. Maybe I have to concentrate a little more. I have to do away with a little disturbance. But the distraction is making me think deeply enough. Hoping my train of thoughts would not be disturbed and break its continuity. Again, concentrate.

An inspiration is what I need to start coining some phrases and conceiving it as a sentence. Agreeing to what it means needs a little pondering of the mind. Sentence construction is of the essence. Stanzas will be formed as my sentences are grouped to one thought or scene.

Inspire me more !

Express a thought one after another. Write what my mind is reeling at the moment. Continue until it stop. Stoppage gives me the chance to think further to give me more millage. Continue as I begin again to step on the pedal of speed.

Is it time to end? Have my ideas been expressed to the limit? Tenses and others, checked? Did I picture it right about my ideas and views of what I have expressed in my sentences? The whole stanzas? The whole piece? Was it the truth?